Here on the projects page I explain what it is I do for the videos that accompany the songs. I use many models and props in my videos, and these are mostly constructed out of cardboard. The picture below shows one of the largest models, and it stood at ten feet tall. This is the front of Castle Brian and is featured in many of my rock music videos.

Logical Sound And Vision is more than just song writing and recording. It’s about the entire visual representation of the songs. A song may take one week to record, but the video may take many months to prepare.

The video for “The Other Side’ not only required a castle, but also interior wall sections, a stage for the band and a chair with claws that holds the ‘creature’ character.

In ‘Aliens From Hell’ there are spacecraft models and a re-designed roof section where the band is seen playing. There is even a robot dog in this video that resembles K9 but this dog is called B9. Maybe it’s a relative.

Here’s a few pictures.